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Nutcase Helmets is all about making helmets fun and safe. Whether you are skiing, skating, riding or paddling, Nutcase Helmets takes pride in creating a helmet for every personality!

Engaging in cycling, skating, snow sports and many other outdoor activities is a fun way to get the most out of life. In many countries, it is the law for certain ages to wear a helmet for certain activities, such as bicycle riding or ski sports.

Many people choose to protect their brains with a helmet regardless of what the law states.

In Australia, the use of a bicycle helmet is mandatory.  Nutcase Helmets sold in Australia have been produced to comply with the following safety standards for Australians:




ASNZS 2063:2008 Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets (Range: Street & Little Nutty)


ASTM F2040 Safety Standard – Helmet for Recreational Snow Sports (Snow and Little Nutty Snow & Bike)


CE EN 1385 Safety Standard – Helmet for Canoeing and Whitewater Sports (Water)

Safety Information

Outdoor activities are fun and safe for many people. However, many activities also involve some degree of risk. Bicycle-related injuries, for example, do not always have to involve traffic or collisions with cars. They can occur in isolation or may involve other bicycles, pedestrians or bystanders. They may simply be accidental, circumstantial or unlucky! Falls and riding injuries are common and often unreported. A helmet can help prevent more serious damage to limbs or brain injury, especially among children.

The USA’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention provides information about common bicycle injuries here.

For US and International laws pertaining to for bicycle helmets, click here.

To find out about ski helmet safety, click here.

According to US Consumer Product Safety Commission Chairwoman Ann Brown: “Wearing a bicycle helmet can reduce risk of head injury by 85% and save your life.”

In general, children should not ride in bike seats or trailers until they can support themselves and the weight of a helmet. This is usually over 12 months of age. Teach your children about bike, board, water and helmet safety as soon as possible.

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